The basic entries can not be bought! If your company has been recommended often enough, we will contact you. If you still want to advertise on our banner advertising (almost everywhere on the right side) under the title "Ads" is just right for you!

Why advertise on - The advantages

On the pulse of time

Nowhere is the share of online search as huge as when planning the next holiday trip. More than 80% of Germans are constantly online and inform themselves about their upcoming journey in advance. For tourism companies, it is therefore increasingly important to advertise exactly where the potential customers are looking.

At the right time

We bring supply and demand together. Your advertisement is present at the moment when the customer searches for it and not when the advertiser decides to place an ad. Also, the customer does not need to be on site to receive a printed work at all.

Exactly in the right place

Mosel-Inside is at the top! For example, anyone looking for "Bernkastel-Kues" in Google will find us directly. "Everything you need to know about Bernkastel" or "Your free guide to Bernkastel" brings people to our page. There, visitors will find you with just a few clicks. Try it.

From the Mosel for the Mosel

With the claim to become "THE Online Mosel Travel Guide", we want to make it easier not only for tourists, but also locals to find here important information for their free time. From restaurants to events to action, everything is included.

Every interesting entry helps!

The more interesting the Mosel is in its external appearance, the more tourists will come for a holiday to the Mosel. Especially those who are still undecided about their destination. That's how we work together to get some of the day's tourists excited about a stay of several days.

Price / Performance

The costs are out of all proportion to all conventional advertising media. The annual fee is about half of a small phone book entry with a logo or an eighth page in a magazine. This with a much greater range, with more information and that even more interactive.

Pricelist Banner Advertising

CategoryPrice* per month at term of:
3 months6 months9 months12 months
(Homepage, Upper Mosel, Middle Mosel, Lower Mosel, Search, Blog, Replenishment sections)
230,- € 200,- € 170,- € 140,- €
(e.g. Upper Mosel, Middle Mosel, Lower Mosel)
120,- € 100,- € 80,- € 60,- €
(Hosts or Activities)
70,- € 60,- € 50,- € 40,- €

*prices plus 19% VAT.


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