Kues Plateau

Am Kurpark
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

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High above the Mosel, above the vineyards of the Kues district, lies the Kues Plateau, which has earned the title “health resort” because of its healthy climate. Five clinics offering health cure and rehabilitative programs as well as alternative cures, hotels with wellness and spa facilities, holiday homes and guest houses have found their place here on the Kues Plateau.

The richly wooded landscape on the Kues Plateau is an optimal starting point for those seeking sporting and recreational pastimes. Here, leisure activities for every taste are available: wellness & spa, massage, riding, tennis, mini-golf, jogging, Nordic Walking, walking for pleasure, forest trails, mountain biking and much more. And you can simply enjoy a delicious coffee with cake on one of the sun terraces of the resident gastronomy.

Forest adventure trail

Whether fragrance garden, barefoot path, listening corner, tree-feeling game, herb garden - the forest trail on the Kues Plateau has all this to offer. It can be reached by car via Bernkastel-Kues' panorama road or from the centre of the village Lieser, where the approach to the trail is signposted.


The extensive lawns in the Kurpark on the Kues plateau are perfect for sunbathing or a picnic in the summer months. Take a walk on one of the many narrow, level paths running in part alongside the park's beautiful lake. Soak up the peace and quiet on one of the many park benches, or watch the sheep and goats in the Kues plateau's small animal enclosure.

German Red Cross Social Work - social work farm

The Cusanus Estate is situated between the plateaus of Kues and Wehlen - surrounded by horse paddocks, extensive arable fields and greenhouses. As well as a home for the physically and mentally handicapped, it also houses a riding school with a café, a market garden and stables. In the farmhouse shop you can purchase home-grown fruit and vegetables, meat products and home-produced wines.

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