Parish Church of St. Michael

Am Kirchhof 2
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

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At the foot of the district of Bernkastel stands the Catholic Parish Church of St. Michael. Today its silhouette is even regarded as the town's skyline emblem. The former tower of the old town fortifications was erected in 1291 along with other walls and towers. The contemporary bell tower of the church is constructed of crushed stone and measures a proud height of 56 metres. The tower's crowning glory is an octagonal helmet with small oriels. Inside there are five bells, the oldest of which is the Evangelist's Bell. Not until the extension and fortification of the town was the tower first integrated into the city walls and later into the church.

The Parish Church of St. Michael was constructed as a three-nave pseudo basilica with a one-nave chancel. The core of the church building, the central nave with the two side naves and the chancel were erected in late Gothic style. Not until 1664/65 was the so-called Ave-Maria towerlet added to the chancel. In the 17th century, the Kneipp Chapel was built onto the north side of the chancel, an annex was added to the sacristy behind the high altar and the church nave was extended to house the organ loft and decorated externally with a Baroque façade. The Church of St. Michael is the only remaining fully preserved building on the Mosel built in the style of the 14th century.

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