Wildlife and Amusement Park Klotten - Klotten

Wildlife and Amusement Park Klotten

Gebr. Josef & Hubert Hennes
Wildparkstraße 1
56818 Klotten

Tel.: +49 2671 - 605 440

Opening times

27. March - 01. November
daily: 9:30am - 6:00pm

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On the high plateau between Cochem and the wine village of Klotten lies the Wildlife and Amusement Park. Countless attractions, thrills and plenty of animals await visitors. Since 1975, it has been the mission of the park to provide a species-appropriate home in spacious natural enclosures for European wild animals, which can hardly be found in the wild.

Whether brown bears, wolves or lynxes - here the voyage of discovery in the game park becomes a family adventure. With goats and fallow deer, everyone has the opportunity to feed and pet the animals. In the falconry the hunters of the air show their skills.

The many forest paths invite you to take long walks in the beautiful nature, while in the amusement park one adrenaline rush chases the other. Here it's off to the whitewater ride, the roller coaster or down the giant slide. But also the smaller guests will find pleasure at whitewater rides, in the grass-green bob frog or the large bouncy cushion. Afterwards you can strengthen yourself in the Wildpark-Restaurant, which also rewards you with a magnificent view of the Moselle valley.

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