Neumagen-Dhron at the Mosel

A symbiosis of viticulture, culture and landscape

Neumagen-Dhron is the oldest wine town in Germany and is still the locality of many reliefs and inscriptions from Roman times and the Roman wine ship. A replica of the famous Roman wine ship is located in front of the Peter Chapel as well as other traces of the Romans, which can be found on the archaeological trail. This opens up the course, as the still visible remnants of the late antique fort. In addition, the replicas of the most significant reliefs discovered in Neumagen, which have earned the community the title "Rheinisches Pergamon", but probably the biggest attraction of the winegrowing village is a roadworthy replica of the Neumagen wine ship, from groups up to 40 people for a 2-hour Excursion on the river can be chartered and thus transferred to the ancient Roman times.

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