3 interesting vacation homes on the Moselle

In recent years, the prospect of travel has become a distant memory for most people. The daily reality of the global pandemic has caused many people to spend their time at home, and the organizational reality of the pandemic has placed severe restrictions on travelers, among many other things. Now that the travel restrictions are dissipating and many people are longing for a way to restore their energy and rejuvenate with family and friends, people are increasingly looking for wonderful destinations for their next vacation.

For those in Germany who are interested in keeping things relatively local, and for those who want to venture further afield from a nice base in Germany, the Mosel Valley is a good option to consider. There are many interesting vacation homes here waiting to be enjoyed and used as a base for further exploration.

Ferienhäuser Mosel unspalsh.com © Michel Grolet

Moselle vacation homes for the adventurous traveler

The Moselle is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Germany, flowing through a beautiful river valley from Trier to Koblenz. As a tributary of the Rhine, the Moselle flows not only through Germany, but also through other countries. It rises in the Vosges Mountains and flows through northeastern parts of France and Luxembourg before entering western Germany. Travelers on the Moselle also have access to surrounding countries, including the Eifel region to the north, which extends into Belgium and offers opportunities to travel further north from there, into the Netherlands and even further into Denmark.

Vacation homes in the old Roman city of Koblenz, with its castles nestled between forests and vineyards, are an ideal starting point for trips further north. When you­ve had your fill of the wonderful excursions in the World Heritage Site of the Middle Rhine, there­re many possibilities for further accommodation in the Netherlands, Belgium or an Vacation home Denmark last minute to book.

Moselle, the home of Riesling

The Moselle Valley has been shaped over many centuries since the Romans began cultivating it 2000 years ago. One of the many ways man has cultivated the valley is through the magnificent vineyards that occupy many of the increasingly steep slopes between Trier and Koblenz. Some of the world's most famous Riesling varieties grow in the nutrient-rich slate soils of these vineyards, and for those interested in the terroir that makes for wonderful wines, vacation homes in the Moselschleife near Bremm are a great option. The terraced slopes in Bremm provide the perfect conditions for growing Riesling grapes, and the view of the valley from the top of the Calmont hill is breathtaking.

Vacation homes in the Wehlen Sundial region of the Bernkastel-Kues district are also worth researching for the wine-loving vacationer, as some of the most elegant white wines are grown on the southwest-facing slope. As for sightseeing, the suspension bridge over the Moselle has become famous in this area because it is the only one that crosses this magnificent river.

Hiking and biking on the Moselle

For those who not only want to see beautiful sights, but also experience them at the end of a hike or bike ride, there are also many vacation homes to choose from in the Moselle region. If that sounds like the kind of vacation you're itching for, then it's worth looking for vacation homes in the picturesque valley that also give you access to the hills of the Eifel and Hunsrück, where there are many highly regarded hiking trails.

For cyclists, the Moselle Cycle Path runs from Perl to Koblenz and winds its way through a beautiful and varied landscape for almost 250 kilometers. For those who want to explore the region on shorter hikes, there are the dream loops and the side trails that connect the landscape along the river with the meadows and forests of the nearby low mountain range.