Piesport at the Mosel

Largest wine-growing village with a view of the Moselloreley

Even the Romans appreciated the excellent location of the sun-kissed slide slope on the Eifel riverbank. Like the ranks of an amphitheater, the vineyards, which have always been the largest wine-growing community at the Mosel and home of the Goldtröpfchen, have been working. The 2000-year-old wine tradition is proven by the Roman presses from the 2nd and 4th centuries, one of which has been faithfully restored and is now fully functional. It will be used for the "Roman Press Festival" in mid-October and then forms the center of an ancient spectacle. Not the only spectacle in town, also the grape harvest of the Piesporter Moselloreley attracts onlookers. From the opposite side of the cliff, the grapes are transferred by boats so they can be brought to the cellars.

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