Koblenz at the Mosel

Mosel cosiness meets Rheinish cheerfulness

If you come to the historic garrison city of Koblenz with its 106.000 inhabitants, you'll first be impressed by the world-famous "Deutsche Eck" ("German Corner"). From its location, the original Latin name "Confluentes" is derived, which means "the flowing together", because here the Mosel flows into the Rhine. So it is quite natural that in Koblenz Mosel cosiness and Rheinish cheerfulness prevail equally. In this city on two rivers, our eventful journey along the 544 kilometers river comes to an end.

Koblenz is framed by the four low mountain ranges - Eifel, Hunsrück, Westerwald and Taunus. As with many towns on the Mosel, Koblenz can also boast a more than 2000 year old history. This of course is related to the fact that the Romans were also active here. Churches, castles, former stately homes and grand town houses are resistant witnesses of Roman history.

But the heart of Koblenz is clearly the old town with its lovingly restored historic buildings in the narrow streets, romantic nooks and the beautiful old town squares. The history of the city of Koblenz is very varied and marked by armed combats in many border conflicts and large structural change. Some parts of Koblenz are now part of UNESCO World Heritage - since 2002, the historic town has been the northern gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley".

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