Trier at the Mosel

The oldest city in Germany

Trier is located in the heart of Europe - where Germany, Luxembourg and France meet. The university town, which with its population of approximately 105.000 may be called a large city, is home to cultural heritage as far as the eye can see. Trier - a city with more than 2.000 years of history, founded in 17 BC as "Augusta Treverorum" by the Romans under Emperor Augustus. Today, when you stroll through the lively town, you have to have eyes everywhere to see the wealth of historical buildings, magnificent facades and charming gardens. Not for no reason does the city invite you to the tour "2.000 steps - 2.000 years".

But it is precisely the diversity of existing periods and styles that lend the city of Trier an unmistakable character. Today Trier is the centre of a four-country region, where cultural history and modern come together.

Preserving the cultural heritage - largely influenced by the Romans, as well as the natural heritage, is a central task. Alone nine buildings were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nestled in a broad valley surrounded by the mountains and forests of the Hunsrück and Eifel and the terraced vineyards of the river valleys of the Mosel, Saar, Ruwer and Sauer, Trier is much more than a Roman town. A living presence shapes Trier as a university town, narrow streets invite you to stroll and cultural activities as well as nightlife are diverse and there is something for each and every taste!

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