Mosel-Inside - trend-oriented and authentic, this is the new online travel guide for the Mosel valley - for 545 experience-oriented river kilometers. Here you will find not only the typical regional highlights for the Mosel region, but also delightful activities at no cost, or away from the usual tourist centers, because the authors come directly from the region and exploring everything anew is always worthwhile.

Mosel-Inside is currently a work in progress. Not all destinations, insider tips and leisure facilities are fully described yet. New entries are added daily so that it is worth re-visiting soon. We hope you will enjoy browsing and discovering!

Insider tips by categories

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The best accomodations along the Mosel

As diverse as the Mosel is, so diverse are the accommo­dations. Around 50.000 guest beds are avail­able through­out the Mosel region.

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Food & Drinks

The best restaurants & bars along the Mosel

You will find a variety of restau­rants, from the gourmet restau­rant to the typical Mosel cuisine on the Mosel.

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Wine - Hosts

The best wine­ries along the Mosel

As you know, every­thing revolves around wine on the Mosel - here you will find the best wineries along the Mosel.

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The most beauti­ful sights of the Mosel valley

No matter on which bank or on which vineyard you are stan­ding right now - the Mosel always surprises with new breath­taking views and buil­dings.

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Leisure & Culture

Learn to love the Mosel cosiness

Hardly any other landscape is as charac­terized by cultural diver­sity as the Mosel.

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Exercise & Sport

The best activities at the Mosel

The beauti­ful Mosel valley with all its scenic attrac­tions offers its guests a wide range of activi­ties.

News from the Mosel

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