Zell at the Mosel

A piece of Mosel with feel-good character

Geographically Zell is located on a narrow shore, right in the middle between Koblenz and Trier - each about an hour away. Historically, the city has grown out of the three districts Zell, Kaimt and Merl. And in addition Barl is Zell's newest district.

The wine town at "Zeller Hamm" - a Mosel bend - belongs with its 331 hectares of vine area to the largest wine-growing communities in Germany. One famous location is the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" whose wines are known for their special quality and wholesomeness throughout the world. The wine also forms the basis of Zell's tourism, attracting tourists from around the world, in addition to natural attractions and climatic features of the state-approved spa resort. Historic wine cellars, museums, varied gastronomy and historical monuments in the idyllic streets invite visitors to the picturesque town center.

Because fires between 1848-1857 destroyed much of the old Zell, it seems not as medieval as most Mosel towns do today. But there are two towers of the medieval fortifications and a Gothic building, the house Caspary in the Balduinstraße and the parish church of St. Peter and Paul which survived. The central point of the Mosel town is the marketplace with the "Zeller Schwarze Katz Fountain", which provides a dignified monument as the town's trademark. Those who want to get to know the famous wine and the town of Zell are recommended a visit to one of the many beautiful wine bars of the wine-growing town.

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