Cochem at the Mosel

Tourist center on the Lower Mosel

The town of Cochem is located at the outlet of a 20 km long Mosel loop. With about 5.500 inhabitants, it is the largest town on the Lower Mosel (Mosel terrace) and attracts thousands of visitors every day in the summer months. The renowned tourist resort, which was first mentioned in 866 as Villa Cuchema, is considered the tourist center on the Lower Mosel. Like many cities, at that time Cochem was inhabited by the Celts and the Romans.

Here, wine shapes life, because of the very steep slate slopes of Lower Mosel where excellent Rieslings thrive. But Cochem developed more and more into a craft and trade center at the beginning of the 19th century. The Industrial Age heralded the 4,2 km Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel, which was the longest railway tunnel in Germany up until the 80s.

The landmark of the town of Cochem is the Reichsburg castle, perched high on the cliff above Cochem. But historic locations can also be found in the medieval old town, such as the market with its fountain, or the baroque town hall and the many winding streets. Get a truly breathtaking panoramic view of the old town with its half-timbered houses from the district Cond on the other side of the Mosel - which one can access either via the bridge or by ferry. Despite the tourist attractions, Cochem also provides what constitutes a quaint and relaxing holiday because even after the busiest of days, evening brings peace once again to the bustling streets and romance to this little Mosel town.

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