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- the Christmas market has been canceled -

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Unfortunately, the Christmas market has been canceled

Although Cochem with its historic half-timbered houses and the majestic imperial castle is an eye-catcher all year round, from 27 November to 20 December its citizens leave nothing unturned to enchant their little town with an atmospheric winter fairy tale.

In the past, the Christmas market traditionally concentrated on two squares. Now more small, romantic corners of the old town are being integrated into the market. Visitors are thus not only inspired to take a tour through the winding alleys, where many hidden details can be discovered - the overall atmosphere has also become more homely, simply more cosy. Instead of the usual central Christmas market all over the country, Cochem now presents itself as a lively little town in a pre-Christmas mood.

This is also ensured by the new lighting, for example along the river promenade in the market area. Crackling fireplaces reinforce the medieval flair. They are not only magical attractions for children, but also for adults to warm themselves up with a cup of red or white mulled wine - the latter is a speciality on the Moselle.

On the 12th and 13th of December, the Burgweihnacht (Christmas in the Castle) is a time of Advent. With a lively nativity play in the inner courtyard, the majestic Imperial Castle now becomes the scene. A shepherd accompanies the guests through the events. If you like, you can take the light-decorated panorama train from the old town up to the world-famous landmark.

During the entire duration of the Christmas market - or should it better be called winter magic time? - has yet another special attraction. For example, the former Advent tent was replaced by a "glass" tent. So while visitors enjoy warm delicacies such as Riesling Stollen, yeast dumplings, pastries or delicacies made from red vineyard peach and, of course, spicy mulled wine, they also have a view of the winter events outside and in the sky above.

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