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Touristinformation Trier
An der Porta Nigra
54290 Trier

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To view Trier's many Roman cultural monuments is one thing – but to actually experience them is quite another matter. The Adventure Tours make this possible. Here, the ancient world is brought to life and transports the visitor into times gone by. Suddenly you are in Trier under the Romans. An exciting journey in time has begun.

The Secret of the Porta Nigra

Within the walls of the black city gate, the centurion takes his visitors back to the time when Rome ruled the world. From those times when the Emperor of Trier ruled an entire empire, many mysteries remain unsolved: baffling, but also dark, intriguing and humorous. In his ceremonial armour, the centurion brings to life all those who passed through the gate. Whether emperor and bishops, warriors or barbarians – even folk walled-in alive and devilish demons – it's all very exciting.

The Devil in Trier

At some point the Roman Empire also fell in Trier and the Middle Ages dawned. And with them, an angel banished by God took up residence in the city – the Devil. He interfered just about everywhere, even in the building of Trier Cathedral. An epoque full of dark myths and fears begins for the Christian city of Trier as the Devil seeks access to its souls. Onlookers are transported to this dark and unreal world of dark magic, reckless crusades, possessed nuns and even the murder of a bishop.

Treason in the Imperial Baths

It was in the year 367 A.D. that the Franconian tribune Mallobaudes was appointed by the emperor Valentinian to restore security in the city of Treveris. Again and again the Roman Empire was being weakened by attacks from Germanic tribes. Alemannic hordes still surrounded the city of Trier, which was, however, destined to be Valentinian’s place of residence. The Thermal Baths, which were never finished, should serve to accommodate troops. Mallobaudes comes to Trier. But instead of investigating the situation, he wallows in memories of the betrayal of his father and his perfidious murder. Fascinating stories of the Thermal Baths and their labyrinth await the visitor.

Gladiator Valerius

Once a slave and, following his liberation, a gladiator: this was Valerius. He fought in the amphitheatre over 1800 years ago. He experienced the spilling of blood, the glory of victory and the degradation of defeat. He carried these experiences with him through the centuries and with them he roams the dark cellars of the amphitheatre. The gladiator Valerius recounts to his audience these impressions from times long ago when the amphitheatre had its heyday. And from time to time you will notice a parallel to the present day.

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