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The best way to get to the actual wine village of "Old Kues" is via the Saarallee in the Kues district with its many fine houses whose decorative facades are witness to the prosperity in the Art Nouveau period. Passing through part of "Old Kues" along the Weingartenstrasse, you can experience typical traditional Mosel vineyards and half-timbered houses as well as the narrow streets. The Weingartenstrasse brings you directly into the vineyards from which there is an excellent view of the district of Bernkastel.

St. Brictius Church

The catholic parish church in the Kues district was named after the Holy Bishop Brictius of Tours and was first mentioned in 1258. It is referred to as a "Half-Mother Church". Not until 1447 was it known that St. Brictius was the patron of this parish church, on whose grounds the very first church in Kues had stood. Both Nikolaus of Cusa and his siblings were christened in St. Brictius church.

Wine Bar Burgblick Hotel

Our insider tip for great wine in a stylish ambiance is Ralf’s Wine Bar in the Burgblick Hotel. Here you can enjoy not only fine wines but also newcomers in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. The well thought-out selection of wines from top Mosel vintners guarantees a varied experience for the palate. From here we go to the insider tip.

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